Altecnic has launched a thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) that enables the thermal disinfection process to be brought up to the tap or shower head, reducing the time and cost to remove the potential for bacteria growth such as legionella.

The Mixcal Careflo Plus TMV removes the need to take off the TMV to ‘flush’ out the system, making the process quicker and more efficient.

With Altecnic’s new TMV, using a special tool and the manual override function, allows thermal disinfection to be performed through to the outlets, enabling a complete rather than a partial flush. This full thermal disinfection further helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Mixcal Careflo Plus TMV has been designed and made to meet the requirements of BS 7942:2000 and the NHS model engineering specification D08 for use in healthcare settings, hospitals, care homes, and schools.

Stephanie Allchurch, Altecnic’s Product Development Manager, said: “TMVs already play a vital role in keeping people safe by regulating water temperatures. With our new TMV, we are taking that safety role further by making it easier for installers to carry out thermal disinfection as efficiently as possible.

“Like all our products, being part of the Caleffi group means that quality is instilled in all that we do. Our TMVs are trusted and reliable as they are always authentic and accredited, giving peace of mind for merchants when it comes to providing great products and service to their customers.”