APHC Training, registered charity and sister company of the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors, is once again offering its training grant scheme for 2014.

Open to all bona fide plumbing and heating companies, APHC Training is offering £100 training grants to member and non-member companies that want to keep an existing qualified employee up to date on their training. Companies that have received grants in previous years will still be able to apply in 2014 for the £100 grant.

“The training grant has proved to be increasingly popular over the last few years and we wanted to continue to provide this form of support to members and non-members alike,” said John Thompson, chief executive of APHC. “The £100 grant will go a long way towards helping many businesses get their workforce the appropriate training they need to take part in many new initiatives across the industry. I would encourage members and non-members alike to apply and claim their £100 grant today.”

Any interested companies should email info@aphc.co.uk with ‘Training Grant’ as the subject line. They will then be emailed a form to complete and return for initial grant approval, which also details the scheme’s operating conditions. The relevant forms can also be downloaded from the APHC website.

After completing a course (which must be done by the end of 2014), applicants must send a copy of their invoice from the training provider along with their certificate of successful completion of the course, and APHC will pay the £100 straight into their business bank account.