Pimlico Plumbers' predictions of a busy winter period for the company are coming to pass after it smashed six of its own records for the number of jobs completed.

As soon as the mild-autumn weather made way for the first cold spell of winter in late November, the increased rate of new jobs coming into Pimlico Plumbers' contact centre in Central London led to the company breaking a series of records.

For the first time in its 36-year history, Pimlico Plumbers completed 1,939 jobs in a single week. This was the third record of that week, 16-22 November, after Saturday produced 191 jobs followed by 192 on Sunday, therefore delivering the busiest weekend for the company.

The trend looks to continue into the remainder of November and beyond after it set a new record for the number of jobs completed on a Monday and Tuesday, 477 and 397 respectively on 23 and 24 November.

At the start of November, when the company reported sales of £5.5 million for the first quarter of 2015-16, it predicted sales growth for the winter period based on its expanded workforce, range of services and its lean operations, which are enabling it to deliver a record number of jobs.

These predictions had already been backed up by the company's performance at the start of autumn when, in September, it recorded sales of £2.6 million, a 30% rise on its financial year 2014-15.

Charlie Mullins OBE, managing director of Pimlico Plumbers, said: "The efforts of our workforce, from those in the contact centre through to the engineers working in the homes and businesses of our customers, deserve praise for their hard work that helped break these company records.

"They are, of course, supported by the solid infrastructure we have invested in over recent years in terms of our vehicle fleet and technology to maximise the deployment of our workforce such as vehicle tracking.

"I'm sure we'll break the 500 job barrier a few times before winter is out and we're continuing to invest in new vehicles to increase our fleet. Our recruitment department is working exceptionally hard to track down skilled and experienced tradespeople who can join Pimlico. I am still concerned the skills shortage blighting our industry will come home to roost, which is why I am casting my net further afield, not only across the rest of the UK, but even abroad.

"The number of jobs we are getting through the front door proves there is a demand for our services and we will continue to invest in our workforce, through recruitment and the training of apprentices, to give our customers what they want."